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How do I help translate LBRY apps?

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Translation process:

  1. Go to the Transifex website and choose the languages you'd like to translate. If your language doesn't appear in the available languages, you can request a new language on Transifex.
  2. When you complete translating a language, please send an email to detailing your work (example: "I translated 36 strings into French on the Desktop App"). There will be new strings on an ongoing basis, so please check back frequently to see if there are new translations needed.
  3. Very important: In some of the strings, the application passes a dynamic value. These variables are notated in the string encapsulated with percent signs. It is important to leave the text between the percent signs untranslated, otherwise the application will show an error. For example, if you see the text "%lbry_terms_of_service%", you would copy the text exactly like it is shown, complete with the percent signs and underscores, and no space characters.
  4. We will give you some appreciation in the form of LBC for your work.
  5. If you have any other questions, please join the #translations channel in our Discord server.

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