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How do I get help or report a bug?

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Live community help

For live help, you can join our LBRY Foundation community chat and post in the #help channel. This service is run by a non-profit foundation, not LBRY Inc, however LBRY team members are available to provide support.

Help via email

You can also email LBRY with questions or issues.

If you're using LBRY Desktop, LBRY log files will help us better understand the issue you are experiencing. You can learn how to find them here and attach with your email.

Reporting issues

To report an issue, you can do one of the following:

  • Send us an email to with the details of your issue or bug report. If it's troubleshooting related, please attach your LBRY log file.
  • Go to the "Help" page of the app and then click the "Submit a Bug Report" button.
  • If you're a developer or otherwise technical and want to interact with LBRY developers directly, you're welcome to open an issue directly on GitHub. Please try to open network or protocol related issues on our sdk channel in github and interface, usability, and other application related issues going to issues over your platform of choice (such as desktop). We would appreciate a quick search to see if similar issues already exist, as well.

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