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What is the LBRY YouTube program?

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Please note: Our queue is currently backed up due to an influx of content creators syncing their channels. It may take a few days to process your channel, thank you for your patience and syncing to LBRY!

LBRY offers an easy way for YouTubers to republish their content to the LBRY network, engage with LBRY users, and earn LBC. This program is available to new and existing LBRY users - installing or using our platform is not a prerequisite to syncing your channel. LBRY provides a one-click sync process that gathers your channel and video metadata (i.e. covers, thumbnails, etc.), creates a channel for you on LBRY, and publishes your videos to it. Creators are eligible for monthly LBC rewards if they have over 1k subscribers.

To sync your existing YouTube channel to LBRY and learn more about the program, go to

Please note: The sync process will create a new channel for your channel which is later transferred to you. If you created a channel in the app beforehand, please see instructions on how to clean it up.

What are the steps?

There are three main steps to this program:

  1. Enroll - Provide authorization for us to begin syncing. After this step, you can begin claiming rewards (if eligible).
  2. Sync - During this step, we perform magic behind the scenes. It can take up to several days, your subscription count must be public at all times, and some sync limitations apply.
  3. Transfer - Claim ownership of your new LBRY channel and LBRY wallet, so that you and only you are in control. More below.


To enroll, visit

The enrollment page will validate that you own your channel and that you agree to the terms of the LBRY YouTube program.You will also need to confirm your email. Please make sure to use your LBRY email account if you already have one. If you have multiple YouTube channels, they should all be linked to the same LBRY account (some exceptions allowed).

After enrolling, we collect information about your channel (title, description, etc.) and put your content into a queue to be automatically published to the LBRY network. This means you don't have to do anything to have your entire channel backed up and permanently available via LBRY.

When the process is complete, you will receive a notice from LBRY indicating your channel is available to view.


Note that as soon as you enroll, you are eligible to receive LBRY Credits based on the terms of our program. The current rewards for participating can be seen on the program page. The exact agreement you make when you enroll can be seen here.


As soon as you've enrolled, you can claim your rewards. Rewards can be claimed on a monthly basis if you have over 1k subs and 10k YouTube views, and as long as you publish content regularly. You will receive an email when your monthly reward is available.

Monthly reward amounts, similar to our policy with other rewards, can change based on LBRY Inc's discretion. If rewards are not claimed for over 3 months, any subsequent months will be forfeited.

  1. Visit or download the LBRY Desktop app from
  2. Sign in with the email that matches the address on your YouTube status page. You can change your email on this page if you want to sign in with a different email.
  3. Navigate to the Rewards section of the app by clicking your balance in the top right.
  4. Scroll to the "YouTube Reward" tile and click the button to receive your reward!

Some YouTube accounts may be flagged for manual review after sync. If this happens, please check back in 1-2 business days.

Note for participants before 2020: if you joined while this reward was still yearly, you can still begin claiming monthly rewards immediately.

Wallet transfer

Your wallet is a special file that contains the secret keys (like a password) to your account.

The wallet transfer step ensures you have full control of your content and channel. After completing this step, LBRY will not be able to access your funds or modify your channel/account, outside of a permission we retain to continue publishing.

Once the channel and content is transferred, you'll be able to publish, comment, and edit existing content inside the LBRY app.

If you are signing into the LBRY for the first time, you'll be presented with an option to claim your channel. If the channel is still queued, you'll be able to claim it from the Channels page (right hand side above Publishes) after its synced. Existing app users can also claim their channels via the Channels page. If you created any channels or published content locally before initiating this step, see the cleanup section.

Note: if you choose not to enable wallet sync during your sign up process, it is vital that you have a backup of your wallet after the transfer process is initiated.


What's the exact difference between enrolling and transfer?

When you enroll, it means the content has been mirrored to LBRY and available on the network for anyone to view. You will get an email once this begins and once this is completed. The transfer process is the final step that gives you actual and permanent control over your account (though LBRY will continue publishing content uploaded to YouTube directly to your account after transfer, retaining a permission to do this and only this).

Feature Enroll Transfer
Your YouTube publishes will be synced yes yes
You can claim LBC rewards yes yes
You can use the app to publish to the channel and your content shows in the app no yes
You can receive LBC from tips and content payments no yes
You are responsible for keeping your wallet safe no maybe*

*Yes if you do not turn on wallet sync in Settings on Desktop. Sync is on by default for


  • Subscription count must be public on YouTube
  • Videos longer than 1 hour will only be synced for channels with more than 1000 subscribers
  • Videos longer than 2 hours will not be synced
  • Videos bigger than 2GB will be synced at lower quality (1080p, 720p, 480p, ...)
  • Only your 1000 most recent videos will be synced
  • Due to high demand, you will be only be synced if you have at least 100 subscribers
  • Private or unlisted videos will not be published, but everything else will

Exceptions can be discussed. Contact us at

What happens if I created a channel and/or published to LBRY before transfer?

If you created a channel (possibly with the same name as your YouTube channel), it is recommended you delete your locally created channel, which can be done before or after the channel transfer process. If you published any content locally, you can edit the content and use your newly transferred channel to include it, or you can simply delete the locally published content as well. Unless you plan to experiment with a different channel name in the meantime, please be patient until the channel is transferred to you.

To delete the original channel, you'll need to navigate to the Wallet page (click on your balance in the top right). Next, click "Full History" and find the original channel you created. It may be under the Channels or Updates filter. You may need to paginate in order to find it. Make sure it is the right channel to delete by clicking on the name from the history page first. Then use the trash can icon to remove it. This process is permanent, so becareful not to delete the synced channel.

You can do the same for any content you published locally. The other option is to edit the content and select your newly transferred channel. This will make the content appear under this channel.

Why can't I sync my channel?

Not all channels may qualify for the program, but users can always upload the content themselves instead. This may also include channels that promote mainly airdrops / money making content, or any content that does not look original/potentially infringes on copyright. Eligibility is based on a careful determined criteria to keep spam and abuse out, but everyone else is intended to be eligible. If you were rejected and think this was an error, please contact us.

Will my content continue to sync?

Your content will continue to stay synced as long as you are enrolled in the program. Videos typically sync within 24 hours and within an hour or two for more popular channels.

Help me

If you have questions this article did not cover, or are having any trouble with the enrollment process, transfer process, or staying calm and happy under the unrelenting pressure that is modern society, please contact

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