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YouTube Program terms

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By agreeing to sync your content to the LBRY network, you agree to the terms specified in the below document. You must agree to these terms to make your content available on LBRY and receive LBRY Credits. A human-friendly summary appears lower down, but the actual agreement you are making is specified in the below document.

The terms

Please review this document for the complete terms.

Human-friendly highlights

1. Term Period

This Agreement lasts twelve (12) months from the date that the Content is uploaded to your Channel on LBRY. After that time, your content will continue to be on the LBRY Network under the terms of this agreement for successive 6-month periods; if you decide to revoke your content, it will be taken down within 30 days of LBRY receiving notice from you. If the content is revoked before the initial term period is up, any Credits earned will need to be returned.

2. Receiving LBRY Credits (LBC)

Receiving LBRY Credits is considered taxable income in the United States, and may be considered taxable income in your country. If you are a citizen of the United States and receive over $600 worth of LBC, you will also have to complete tax related documentation. We will contact you if you are over this threshold. Reward amounts, similar to other LBRY Rewards may change at any time.

3. Promotional rights

LBRY, Inc. has the right to promote your content and its availability on the LBRY network, and to use the name/likeness/voice of your content in its mailing lists, on its website, on the network itself, and through advertising by any and all means.

4. Content security

LBRY, Inc. makes no promises as to the availability or security of your content. While blockchain entries can expire and may no longer be accessed in our clients, we make no promises or guarantees that we can fully remove your content from the network, nor that we will keep your content secure.

5. YouTube Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy

If you participate in the YouTube Creator Program, you also agree to YouTube's Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy.

To revoke LBRY's access to your YouTube account or manage your security preferences, please refer to your Google Security and Permissions Page. If you plan to do this, please also email us to stop the sync process. You may need to return any LBC earned if you break the agreement before the term period.

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