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Reilly Smith • Dec 15 2016

Hi everybody, this is Reilly with LBRY, hope you're doing well...

LBRY has its roots in freedom and liberty: say, publish, and share your mind without fear of censorship, persecution, or an authority breathing down your neck. The rise of alternative radio shows and podcasters has been a boon to the expression of liberty and non-mainstream media.

We tip our hat to the liberty movement and welcome two of the biggest podcasts to LBRY.

Freedomain Radio

Freedomain Radio

Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain Radio has grown from a part-time podcast to a full-fledged, daily radio show with millions of monthly downloads and views. Interviews with leading economists, academics, authors along with a hard-hitting philosophical analysis of current events make Freedomain Radio the essential counter-culture podcast.

The Schiff Report

Known for his bold predictions of the 2008 financial crisis coming true and subsequent market corrections – CNBC even admitted it after the fact! – Peter Schiff is a successful financial advisor and radio host outside the traditional Wall Street beltway. Author of several books, including my personal favorite, "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets", his financial opines will seldom tow the party line.

After the brain food, cozy up with the LBRY film playlist during the holidays!

Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Have a podcast to publish? Email to get your show in the queue.

Photo of Reilly Smith
Reilly Smith · · ·

For nearly a decade, Reilly has developed, produced, championed and contributed to dozens of film projects big and small.

The only thing that rivals his love of film is the marriage between content and blockchain.

If you come from the world of film, television or web content, he's your sherpa on Mount Blockchain.

Reilly's work has been seen from Oxford, Mississippi to Sundance Film Festival, and he has produced content for Fox Digital Studios and Disney LOL.