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Phase 2 Begins With You

Rob Smith • Jan 22 2019

The Year Of One Million Installs

The LBRY community and team members hit all the targets for last year. You guys pulled off what many thought was impossible...

Establishing a decentralized marketplace for videos (and anything else digital, really) where no one single point of failure exists.

That’s a pretty major accomplishment.

That was Phase One, and if you’ve been with us for that phase it is time to pat yourself on the back and take a breath, because this is going to be a crazy year.

2019 is the Year of One Million Installs.

To put it in perspective, so far we’ve had 200,000 installs.

From those 200,000 people this powerful, impassioned, and wonderful community has grown.

To succeed, it needs to grow, and it needs to grow fast.

What can you do to help?

Install the app, if you haven’t already.

If you have already installed the app, go send an invite to a few friends. There are rewards for when your friends follow your link. We will be expanding that heavily.

The more you use the app and the deeper you go into the community, the better chance we all have of winning.

If you like to hang out on Discord, there are a lot of people doing that.

Are you into Reddit? Close to 5,000 LBRYians are over there, hanging out.

Maybe your “thing” is a specific niche, likes games or music - there are parties for those too, check us out on social media to find out more.

It is important to note that there are powerful people who do not want to see users in control of their data, or see creators get control of their content and their relationships.

There are governments who want cryptocurrency to fail outright, and corporations who want to control and manipulate all of the things.

You're going to prove them wrong, and we're here to help.

Photo of Rob Smith
Rob Smith · · ·

Rob focuses on ensuring users get a top notch experience with LBRY, from the earliest brand engagement to running the app and follow up communications.

He believes in wielding design, technology, and art to deliver joyful experiences that connect people with the things they care most about. Rob's background is in game design, game publishing, software business development, and project management.

Rob has a Bachelors of Science from The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, and a Master of Business Administration from California State University, Stanislaus.