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Stand up to YouTube Crypto Crackdown and Support These Blockchain Creators

Samuel Bryan • Dec 26 2019

YouTube crackdown

Yesterday, YouTube aggressively deleted and blocked a large number of channels focused on technology and blockchain.

Blockchain creator surge

As a result, many affected creators surged on to the protocol yesterday.

While others were already here.

The beauty of LBRY is that this kind of thing could never happen here. Even if evil-censorship-loving brain slugs wormed their slimy mind-control tentacles into our brains (we think this may have happened at YouTube), your keys would still be safe in your hands.

Help make this impossible by supporting these creators

We’ve rounded up this list of blockchain-related creators publishing to LBRY.

Please follow them and show them LBRY love. The more creators adopt and see the value of LBRY, the faster we achieve true digital freedom.

Altcoin Buzz Follow Altcoin Buzz on LBRY

Crypt0 Follow Crypt0 on LBRY

Naomi Brockwell Follow Naomi Brockwell on LBRY

Ivan on Tech Follow Ivan on Tech on LBRY

The Crypto Lark Follow The Crypto Lark on LBRY

Crypto Crow Follow Crypto Crow on LBRY

Chico Crypto Follow Chico Crypto on LBRY

Nugget's News Follow Nugget's News on LBRY

Bitcoin for Beginners Follow Bitcoin for Beginners on LBRY

Jacob Canfield Follow Jacob Canfield on LBRY

Crypto Tips Follow Crypto Tips on LBRY


Game of Bitcoins Follow Game of Bitcoins on LBRY


Brandon D Kelly Follow Brandon D Kelly on LBRY

Crypto 99 Follow Crypto 99 on LBRY

Crypto Rich Follow Crypto Rich on LBRY

Bitcoin Benny Follow Bitcoin Benny on LBRY

Bitcoin Tips Follow Bitcoin Tips on LBRY

BitBoy Crypto Follow BitBoy Crypto on LBRY

Kenn Bosak Follow Kenn Bosak on LBRY

Hack Crypto Follow Hack Crypto on LBRY

Enter The Crypto Matrix Follow Enter The Crypto Matrix on LBRY

On The Chain LIVE Follow On The Chain LIVE on LBRY

'Stache That Crypto Friends! Follow 'Stache That Crypto Friends! on LBRY

Cryptofinally Follow cryptofinally on LBRY

Colin Talks Crypto Follow Colin Talks Crypto on LBRY

This list is also available via spreadsheet.

Blockchain creator? Get on LBRY!

If you’re not already using us and you publish to YouTube, you can sync your channel in one click at

If we missed you or you're a new sync, we’re happy to add you to the above list.

Photo of Samuel Bryan
Samuel Bryan · · ·

Much of our writing is a collaboration between LBRY team members, so we use SamueL BRYan to share credit. Sam has become a friend... an imaginary friend... even though we're adults...