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The Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Photo of Lex Berezhny
Lex Berezhny · · ·
Protocol Engineer

Lex Berezhny

Lex learned to write Python in High School, not far from where the language was first created, and even participated in some of the first Python user groups hosted by Guido, himself. In 2000, still a very young man, Lex gave his first public talk, titled "Yorktown High School Becomes a Python Workshop" at the International Python Conference. Needless to say, Lex and Python go way back.

Lex spends his time on the full stack of LBRY backends, such as the wallet, protocol, and blockchain, and is currently wading deep into the improvement of test coverage and performance of various LBRY components. If you want to trade notes on Dart, and dish on a possible ideal use case for Dart at LBRY, Lex wants to hear from you!