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The Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Photo of Niko Storni
Niko Storni · · ·
Infrastructure Engineer

Niko Storni

Niko isn't scared of putting his hands in the code to write solutions to make user’s lives easier.

After graduating as an IT Engineer in Switzerland, Niko joined the LBRY community as a miner and volunteer contributor for almost 2 years before quitting his job to pursue his real passion: LBRY.

Running a gaming community for almost 10 years, Niko has developed a lot of experience with managing and serving professional solutions on Linux servers.

Together with his professional background, he is in charge of providing LBRY with the right server infrastructure, vital for everyone to enjoy a smooth and safe experience. When he's not sitting behind a monitor, Niko enjoys riding his motorcycle, hiking the Alps, reading, swimming, and much more!