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Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to stream any LBRY content?

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If you are having trouble streaming any LBRY content, there may be an issue with your connectivity to the LBRY network. Sometimes simply restarting the LBRY app and daemon completely could fix the problem - this is usually what you want to try first. Both PC and router firewall settings, as well as other applications which limit internet connectivity (i.e. Antiviruses or Internet security applications), may prevent your app from successfully connecting to the LBRY network. You can try disabling these or allowing LBRY to bypass them. Other times, it may be a hosting issue with the particular piece of content you are trying to download. Please report in the #help channel on Discord.

Another common cause of this issue is the lack of access to UDP port 4444. LBRY employs UPnP (if enabled) in order to forward this port on your router automatically. If UPnP is disabled, it must either be enabled, or the port must be forwarded in your router configuration. We have also seen instances where some ISPs may block UDP port 4444, and for LBRY to download content properly, this port must be manually configured - see steps below.

How to manually set the DHT (Content Network) port

  1. Shutdown LBRY and lbrynet-daemon (check running processes using Task Manager on Windows or Activity Monitor on Mac OS.)
  2. Go to your lbrynet folder.
  3. If you have a daemon_settings.yml file, add this line to it at the end (4444 is an example, can be changed): dht_node_port: 4444.
  4. If you don't have the daemon_settings.yml file, you can create one or download/copy this sample into the lbrynet folder.
  5. Start LBRY and try to download a couple of items from the homepage. Be patient, if it doesn't work, leave the page and try again or a different video.
  6. Depending on your network, you may need UDP port 4444 (the new port you just set up) forwarded. Also, for file sharing to work properly, you may need TCP port 3333 open/forwarded. This can be verified by using a port checker tool on port 3333. Port 4444 will fail since it's UDP.

If you continue to experience issues streaming/downloading content after completing the above steps, please reach out to us for additional support.

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